Februari 2011

Eindelijk is de sneeuw weg en hopelijk komt ie niet terug deze winter!
We finally got rid of the snow!

"Carlo, this bowl is meant for extra drinking water!!"

Marlo geniet van het feit dat de sneeuw weg is! Marlo enjoys the snow free grounds.

12 februari 2011: we hebben het verblijf vergroot en de ren voor de komst van kleine eendjes geplaatst.
De deur van de ren staat nu steeds open zodat ze daar ook kunnen scharrelen.
We enlarged the pen and placed a separate house for the ducklings we hope to get this year. Our only predators are maybe crows and magpies. I hope to replace the nest to this house at the end of the 30 days of breeding so that mother and babies will be safe.

Het is maar een saaie winterfoto geworden dus van de zomer of in de lente maak ik mooie nieuwe foto's.
This is a bit dull winter picture.

Uiteindelijk heeft Carola voor deze nestkast gekozen.
This is the nest Carola chose after inspecting and preparing several nests.

28 maart 2011: mijn Carolinaeend heeft haar tweede ei gelegd.
Carola's 2 nd egg

Carola and Carlo

Na het 10e ei is Carola gaan broeden
Carola set after her 10th egg.

may 11 2011
Today, 2 days late Carola's ducks are here!!
She has 5 little ones:

I took this film this morning
carola's little ones

The ducks on the 3 rd day:

When it is only a little bit chilly Carola takes the ducklings under her wings.
3 are already under ;0))

I am so fond of my first ducklings. today they are 5 days old and got their new pool today.
Mom shows how to get in and out.
In the film below you see how she suddenly walks to Carlo to attack him through the fence.
She defends her kids even from hubby.
Each morning the other ducks come and see the little ones and wish them a new fine day from the other side of the fence.
I feel so fortunate to be able to see my ducks from the terrace of our house and that they are only a few steps away from the livingroom.
Here is the film. You can hear the many birds we have in our backyard such as blackbird, great tit, blue tit, and of course the common house sparrows.
We also have many doves here in our garden and unfortunately also magpies and crows, hence the net over the pen where the babies are.

Come on kids, your little pond is great!!

The ducks at 11 days old:

Several times a day mother Carola puts the children to rest for a while. She also can take a brake as the ducklings keep her busy constantly. Although father Carlo is in the ajacent pen he always takes a rest with his family. He can't be with them in the same pen as Carola was very aggressive towards him unfortunately. She no longer is though but still this is better and father and ducklings give kisses through the fence, that is so funny to watch. As you can see Carlo is molting severely to achieve his summer outfit again ;0))

Ducklings are 3 weeks today!

They love to take a swim in the water drinkbowl iso the pond.

Carola and her 21 days old child:

Carola's ducklings have grown a lot. They are 24 days now. We keep the net over the nursery untill the ducks are full grown at 12 weeks old sothat they will not be eaten by preditors (several birds)

As soon as the other ducks take a nap Marlo always takes a swim and a wash.

Today I saw the little spots and stripes on their chests. So funny as only yesterday they weren't there.

At about 6 weeks i could tell boys from girls from their head appearance, the wide white curved stripe on the cheek that males have. We have 3 males and 2 females. The ducklings in the movie are 7 weeks old. They will go to their new places in about 3 to 4 weeks.:
Laika likes to watch from our terrace. Later this they she will go to the ducks and have a proper look. She loves to just lay back at the other side of the fence to see what the ducks are up to.

A fresh bath:


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