One day I had this awesome dream: I was in Villa Villakulla where Pippi invited me for diner!! She baked me her famous pancakes and at last I could see with my very own eyes how she managed to do that. For drinks I could choose from tea, milk or lemonade. You see the candy she's holding in her left hand? Well that is for a gift. Pippi asked me to ask YOU if you happen to know where on the internet there is this famous Pippi midi file. She would be happy if you could send that to me, Wilga, and then I would give it to Pippi. She likes what I am doing with the Pippi pages but she misses the music..... The first one who sends the Pippi file will receive a large bag with sweets from Pippi! (note:has meanwhile been done; first Pippi page)

Pippi layed the table for us. Later Tommy and Annika would join us, she said. The special crockery with Pippi design was made by Pippi when visiting an island with her father, captain Efraim Langkous.(Oh, sorry, that is Pippi's last name here in the Netherlands; I should say Longstocking of course)

There was this kind islander who taught Pippi how to make teasets and other crockery from clay and then paint it with natural paints made of the juices from all sorts of berries, grapes and herbs. It is a somewhat odd shaped set but I think Pippi did a great job with it, don't you?

And here it is the 10 piece set: 4 mugs with matching diner plates (images from left to right are: Villa Villakulla, the horse, named horse, the monkey Mister Nilsson and of course Pippi herself) and a milkjar with image of Mister Nilsson and teapot with Pippi on it.

This kitchen unit is aged by painting wet in wet. I used blue, green and white paint. For the working top and sink I used granite fimo. It was a bit hard to get the right measurements with the sink part left out and all but eventually I got it right. With my heavy (for weight)full size rolling pin (deegroller for my Dutch friends) I flattened the granite clay to obtain just the right thickness.

Oh, my, what a bunch of gold coins in this suitcase! Pippi got the suitcase from daddy Efraim. Pippi would't be Pippi if she didn't share it with other children and grown-ups though! On the right picture you see Pippi reading out loud to Mr. Nilsson. She can't read properly as she hated school too ( all that much but this book is a Pippi Longstocking book so she knows the stories by heart :0)This great book with many drawings was a full size gift from Margie to me and I scanned it and made it a 1" book for Pippi. So, now we both read the same book!

Pippi's Books and Toys

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