On this page I will show you some furniture I made for Villa Villakulla. Like in the books and movies there were all kind of styles in there so I tried to imitate that. I carefully read the books and took pictures from the video to get an idea of how certain furniture in the villa looks like.

The closet is made of soft wood (balsa) that was easy to saw. All Pippi's clothes can go in there and there is a large drawer right under. I also made a separate section with a rod and tiny brass clothes hangers and shelves for Mr. Nilsson's wee clothes. For the picture I left out most of the stuff in there to give you a better view of the closet. It needs to be painted, but I can't decide on the color(s). According to the videos, it was greyish with blue/green. Advise? anyone?

And here is a picture of Pippi's bed with the head end facing Mr Nilsson's little crib (that one is from a kit with some adjustments) The bed is made of rather thick wood that was lying around in the garage. It is just ordinary wood but Pippi thinks it is oak wood, but that is al right.

I made this Edwardian Revolving Bookcase after a picture in the UK's Homes and Gardens magazine. Pippi loves it and uses it also as a coffee table.

This side-table was made with 2 paintings-on-wood as panels in doors that can be opened.
I tried to make a Trompe L'oeul of both panels.
When opened there is lots of space for storage of vases, china or crockery.


the KITCHEN in the villa!!

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