I made the wooden floor from balsa wood sawn in 10mm planks and then stained in a lavender color (aged here and there).
the ceiling beams are from pinewood stained in a dark brown.
The ceiling thing with the hanging pots and pans are made of several left over wood pieces and an old little stair served as a ladder from which the pots hang on S- shaped hooks, just like the real thing.
The working top on the kitchen unit is made of granite fimo, evenly flattened which was a bit hard to do.
From a fimo cane in black and white little stars I made the floor tiles in front of the old fashioned black stove and in front of the kitchen unit
I need to make a lot more pancakes on a plate later....
also I need to make the kitchen more messy!

At night Pippi often can't sleep. Too much thinking about her Mommy, who is an angel in heaven and Daddy, captain Efraim.Then she just goes to the kitchen and takes a snack and a glass of milk for herself. Sometimes she then sits in her rocking chair and lights a candle, just to think about what she will do in the morning....

Dutch molds for gingerbread

baking cookies -here they will go in the oven

first load is baked!

Pippi wants to have the cake molds shown that she bought from her Dutch friend Monique van Dam!

Pippi loves to cook and her pantry is always filled to the brim with herbs, cans and especially pancakes ingredients.....

Guess what?? I forgot pippi's favourite pet, her mouse. Well just a second and I'll fix that.....

well, here he is and Pippi gave him some cheese!

The Entrance of the Villa

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