SCALE 1:12

SCALE 1:12




by Wilga van den Wijngaart




























Heidi Ott teenager with her Little Red Riding Hood







Her hair is in 2 tiny braids

with blue silk bows

LRRH is 1,5 inch long (3,2 cm)


She wears a skirt, blouse,

coat with hood, apron, white

tights and black shoes.

In her left arm she has her brown basket with goodies for grandmother

covered with teatowel.


Used knitting materials:

skirt: Venne silk 60/2 black and blue

tights, blouse and apron with crochet border: Venne cotton 70/2 white

hands: venne colcoton 70/2 soft yellow

coat with hood Venne 70/2 red

basket and hair Venne 34/2 brown

woven teatowel in basket Venne 70/2 red and white

shoes: Venne 70/2 black