In this picture you see the left side of the parlor. The door brings you to another hall with rooms. Next week I will probably start making the wooden floor in the parlor…. Now and then Pippi changes the furniture so don’t be surprised when you suddenly see different pieces of furniture in the pictures, or other accessories for that matter.

Pippi received bottle-mail from daddy Efraim. If you look carefully you can see his picture on the desk. She will write him a letter today with the help of her friends and tell him all about her adventures and her new friends Tommy and Annika.


  this is the scale 1:1 Mr. Nilsson!

"Oh, Pippi", says the lady of the children’s home,"you defenitely need someone to take proper care of you. You can’t live in this house with this monkey and that horse outside on the porch".

Mr. Nilsson behaves quite innocent for a second but later on he would scare miss Prysselius by jumping on her shoulder unexpectedly.



The cabinet is full to the brim with souvenirs from all the islands Pippi called at.

I think I better replace this door by sliding doors. Hm, never done that before…

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