cushions (for some I used very tiny glass granules as filling for a realistic drape), gift baskets, tray

embroidered and lined shoulder bag
back side cotton fabric with tiny rose buds and pale blue leather shoulder straps

magazines rack:

To make leather shoes and purses with roses I do have the leather but not the roses
I painted tiny roses and was glad it worked ;0)

These shoes are 19 mm (European shoes size 36/37 in full size). I will try to make 1 or 2 smaller pairs suitable for children.
Click picture to see an enlarged picture of the shoes.

Here they are: smaller shoes - 13 mm with 24 roses on each shoe.

I want to work with lots of colors in this shop. I started with shades of blue and made some shoes first:

one of the pictures to see an enlarged picture of the shoe.

fancy vase and pots for tiny roses

For this peacock chair I made this embroidered cushion.

embroidered teacosy

rosy teaset

Welly boots for ladies and girls

I also made some Wellies for girls:

A welcome door mat:

My duck Marlo died... he was an Orange Ringed Teal duck.
I tried to cross stitch his photo on a child's blanket as a remembrance...
The crib will be placed in one of the attic rooms as Rose prefers to take her baby>
to the shop every day.
Rose needs to rest in the afternoon so there will also be a bed for her.

I haven't decided yet where exactely the new furniture will go though...

made the bed as a start of the new bedroom collection in the shop (top floor)


The shop will also sell soap coards with soap in a rose design.
Of course I have to make some more but this was the 1st '0))

Today I finished this lined table cloth.

big shopper - embroidered front, rosy back and lined with a lacy material

I made some garlands with items like duck and hearts filled with dried rose pattels for a rosy fragrance ;0)

Of course when buying items the customers get their purchases in a nice paper bag:

Making SOAP garlands:

On the 1st floor a garden section will be created. This is how it looks so far:

I had fun painting the plant pots andgarden tools:

I made a footstool matching the carpet.

On the rosy chair is another embroidered handbag I recently finished

All porcelain in the glass cupboard by Charissa's Miniatures.
I still have to fasten the stair carpet that goes all the way to the shop door

If you look closely you can just see the pink rosy wellies this customer purchased on the 1st floor.

I have an old suitcase that will serve as a display for some romantic cushions that i will make.
Here is a round one:

The cushions are very easy yet fun to make. The back always has a different fabric.

The shop also carries leather shoes. Here Pukipuki Petula has a hard time to choose from so many.

She chose the green patterned shoes

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