1st floor left

The shop is finished. Well except some details on the outside but that is all!! the last pictures:

groundfloor left

the display for bags, hats etc.

1 st floor left

attic left (still some stuff to add in time)

ground floor right

The glass cupboard behind the lady was still empty but look at the 3 following pictures:

New arrivals in the glass cupboard from "Minilisa", specializing in Brocante and romantic items, perfect for the ARTshop! Aren't they pretty?!

1 st floor right with bookcase filled with magazines and books on roses

all lights on

Customer Daphne tries on some leather shoes and one of the hand embroidered shoulder bags.
This is what she chose:

Shoes fit excellent.

Reverse side of the bag has tiny roses on a dark blue background

Shop owner Rose agrees with what Daphne has put on ;0) roof is done!!

well, just need some roof painting but that will be done soon.

March 2014 all ready!!

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