But first a few Heidi Ott girls, wigged and dressed by Wilga

Doll with jeans, leather shoes and
knitted sweater and gardigan/coat

Heidi Ott dolls with all different hair do's


Johnny wears his new suit.
He was in a big hurry coming out of the bathroom
and he forgot to fasten his leather belt.

Lely wears a sweater with knit in black cat.
Her skirt is made of a pretty cotton fabric.

Rob, Amber's best friend
Rob wears leather boots, leather pants and a woollen sweater
This doll is sold
Gabrielle wears fuchsia colored leather boots,
purple leather skirt and a hand knitted cotton sweater.
on her back she wears a leather backsac in animal print. (please visit leather goods page to view)
This doll is sold

Kevin, the schoolteacher and his kid sister Estelle.

Kevin's handknitted sweater is made of 3 different yarns:
cotton (beige), silk (gold/yellow stripes) and wool (brown)
Kevin takes his schoolbag with him when you buy him.

Estelle, a fashion model is just about ready to go
to a shoot in her red handknitted sweater, pretty necklace, leather black skirt
with red belt and her leather red and black shoes.
In her city bag she carries her fashion pictures
in her portfolio. (included)

lady Colette in her leoparddress with leopard evening coat.
She wears gold colered shoes,
purse with gold-like ornament and
a gold colored necklace.


Meet Rowena:
Long blond hair
She wears an evening dress
with matching handknitted cardigan
and matching hat

Dolls from 2008

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