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Casting off for e.g neck part and shoulder parts (the continental way).



To explain with step- by –step –pictures I have included pictures 1 – 7 (p1 – p7)



say you have 22 stitches on your needle of your front part (picture 1)

and the pattern says that you have to cast off  6 stitches for the neck and that

you need to cast off  2 x 1 stitch at the neck side, this is what you do:


knit row: 8 stitches - cast of 6 stitches (so knit 2 stitches and cast off your 1st  casting)

knit the remaining 8 stitches (picture 2)


purl row: 8 stitches and put the remaining other 8 stitches on a safety pin (or cable needle) (picture 3)


then to do the first shoulder (= right shoulder of the sweater): cast off 1 stitch in the knit row

purl next row (picture 4)

If the pattern says 2 x 1 it means cast of 1 stitch twice so

in the next knit row at neck side cast of 1 stitch again and follow further instructions

(As this was just an example I just casted of the remaining 6 stitches) (picture 5)


Do the same for the second shoulder:

start (with new yarn) on the right side of your work and knit the 8 stitches (picture 6)

then in the purl row at neck side cast of 1 stitch

knit 1 row and then in the purl row again cast off 1 stitch.

(picture 7) 


So when the pattern says cast of 2 x 1 stitch it means that you should cast of 1 stitch TWICE and when e.g it says 3 x 1 stitches you should cast of 1 stitch 3 TIMES

when it says 2 x 2 stitches it means cast of 2 stitches TWICE etc.

So the first digit says how many TIMES the casting off must be done and the second digit says how many stitches must be casted off.




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