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This house in scale 1:12 will be Geppetto's workshop. At least my version of where he worked and stayed overnight when it is was too late to return home.
Of course you know that Geppetto is the creator of Pinocchio, the wooden boy that he made and who came to life.

This is the house with removable front that I will make into a workshop
with bedroom/sittingroom upstairs.

For embellishments on front door, balcony and on the blinds I used an old hand-held fan of my mother's
as a tribute to a lady who once was my greatest inspirator.

Finished making the leaded glass windows!

I hope to start with the interior of the house soon!

August 2016:
I started working on the 1st floor. Here Geppetto can relax, have a drink and something to eat
after a days hard work in the workshop or even stay the night.
I need to do some more work like adding lamps, have to get the fire burning and do some window trimming.

Ever since my mom passed away I put something of her belongings in my miniature houses. This time the oil painting and although it was painted by me it stayed in her home for many years as she bought it at a gallery where I had my miniature paintings.
Geppetto's workshop:

Casco house as in 1 st picture by Leen van Hees
Gepetto with Pinocchio on his lap by Ria Odijk
Bedroom furniture - bed, bedside table and chair in the kitchen by Laserville - owner Melissa's Miniwereld

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