dollhouse scale 1:24

For my birthday in 2013 my husband bought a cute dollhouse for me scale 1:24
The house is designed by Jacomine Mink and she made the shell.

I will make it a family home with people that I dressed in mostly knitted clothes.
The clothes are designed by me and available in my 2 pattern books for this scale

Of course the family has pets. This is one of their dogs named Ollie, a cuvac.
In full size he looks like this:

In scale 1:24 I made him like this:

It is made of 16 pieces of cloth.

Do you see naughty Ollie on the bed?!


Balcony with grid flooring

Lights in the living and in the master bedroom:

The roof is made of DAS dough, a funny job it was.
It needs some greyish paint when dry because it is supposed to be a slate roof.
The front:

The back consists of 2 parts of which 1 piece is part of the front roof!
So the last row of the upper part should fall neatly on to the lower part.

The back when finished - although not yet painted: