Pippi Longstocking and
Villa Villekulla !!

On this page you will also find links to ALL of the rooms of Villa Villekulla as well as photographs of the outside of the Villa. The house is bought as a shell from The Stolp, a Dutch dollhouse shop.


If you can't find Pippi in or around the Villa, she might be at the candystore....

Feel free to enter each link below
Be sure to wipe your feet cause Pippi just cleaned house today!

*The making of my handmade 1:12 Pippi and more(3 pages with introduction and many pictures. (of Mr. Nilsson also)

*Annika,Pippi's friend
*Tommy,Annika's brother
*Furniture that I made for the Villa
*Parlor with doors leading to other halls with many rooms
*Kitchen where's that little mouse? what do you smell?
*Entrance with stable doors
*Bedroom shhht, Pippi might be asleep, or......
*Mr Nilsson's lullaby
*The Attic
*Pictures of the outside of Villa Villekulla plus porch.

Finished making the 1" Pippi and Annika!

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