ROOMBOXES and other miniatures I made

Dutch boys' soccer bedroom

With 0.8 mm knitting needles I made the shirt and socks with Ajax logo. The cap was made from leftover pieces of fabric. Bed and settee made from scratch. The sportsbag was made of red leather.There are scanned mini books, video's etc. The black and white picture is my hubby when he played soccer with Ajax years ago.
The foto was featured in the Ajax club magazine "Ajax Life".
I gave my hubby this roombox for his 50th birthday in 2000.



Christmas 2000: it took me a while before I came to this point with my bookshop roombox. It is still not completed. Most of the books I made are illustrated, some were gifts. The 2 units for magazins contain scanned to size newspapers and magazines. This shop with lighting is in an old Dutch antique wallunit in our living.



Estelle, searching for a dollhouse magazine, wears her embroidered ENPEG-shoulderbag


Christmas decorations in the bookshop, where also stationary is being sold.

Favorite author of the bookshop owner is Renate Dorrestein. During Christmas season she will be autographing her books in the shop!

Recently the bookshop moved to a much bigger property!
Have a look Here!

woodland lane scenery in a 1" teapot -

18 cm wide roombox

winter roombox



from the Dutch fairy tale: "Klaas Vaak"

I just love to make these forest creatures!
These are just over 3 inches tall
and are called gnomes.

tiny play setting for a friend
it is just over 4 inches wide

This is Rob and I dressed him in 1998 with handknitted sweater and leather, laced boots.
His hobby is making miniature boats that have remote control.
He loves to let the ship sail on the Dutch lakes.
In his right hand he carries the remote and
in his left hand is his collie's leather collar( with licence badge!).
Rob is wearing his dark brown sweater with matching sjawl and
his leather trousers in a liver color.
Also he decided to wear his leather boots in a brown leather and beige suede.